Flemmington Care Home, Cambuslang, Glasgow
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• The Care Home will encourage and promote ordinary daily living, respecting the rights and dignity of all residents.

• The Care Home staff will provide support to residents and their families as well as encouraging familiy and community involvement in the day-to-day life of the home.

• Residents’ independence and choice will be maximised to ensure each resident achieves their potential.

• A person centred approach will be adopted to ensure that a resident’s physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs are met in accordance with their needs and wishes.

• A safe environment will be provided that allows appropriate levels of risk taking to take place.

In order to achieve its aims & objectives, the home must secure provide an optimum environment in line with creative thinking and the continued ongoing development of the best practice in clinical and social care.

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Flemmington Care Home, Cambuslang, Glasgow
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